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A speaker dedicated to auscultation that has never existed before. Reproduces a realistic auscultation sound at the same frequency as the living body. You can use your stethoscope to listen to auscultatory sounds and palpate your pulse and thrills.



iPax is a learning system that allows you to learn auscultation on your own device.
If you access the dedicated site, you can study with auscultatory sounds that are the same as real human beings anytime, anywhere.

Administrators can check the usage history and correct answer rate of students at any time on the administrator-only page.

iPax is used in the Health and Labor Science Research Project that JQ* is working on(considering the introduction of a computer system for the national examination for medical practitioners). 
*JQ・・・The Japan Council for Quality Health Care

Site of Dr.Kawakita’s group(the case of iPax)
・considering the introduction of a computer system for the national examination for medical practitioners

from Medical Education(Japan) No.53,3,2022
Treatise 1 Dr. Y. Matsuyama 
Treatise 2 Dr. H. Kawakita


When the QR code is read, the designated case is displayed on your screen. By distributing QR-iPax to students, they can study not only basic auscultation practice, but also other findings with iPax as a case study.

Open QR code to see aortic stenosis

iPax Log management / content creation

You can browse the usage history of students and set original cases.

You can check the content you used and the results of the quiz, and post your own image / video data to create original content.


It is a smartphone application that allows you to move the stethoscope on the screen to listen to the heart sounds.Download and use from the iOS and Android app stores.(Free download, with in-app purchase)

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